Governor Tang Renjian Met Afghan and Nepalese Guests

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    On the afternoon of July 4, Tang Renjian, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Gansu Provincial Government, met Mohammad Tahir Zahir,Governor of Bamyan,Afghanistan, and Dor Mani Paudel, Chief Minister of Province No. 3,Nepal.

    During the meeting with Tahir Zahir, Tang said that Gansu and Bamyan were located on the main arteries of traffic of the ancient Silk Road,and the two provinces had obvious geographical advantages and broad prospects for cooperation.He hoped two provinces to closely focus on the implementation of the consensus reached by the summit meeting of heads of China and Afghanistan,and the "the Belt and Road Initiative" .

    During the meeting with Paudel, Tang said that he led a delegation to visit Nepal successfully this May,and reached many beneficial consensus. He hoped that through this visit, the two provinces would further deepen understanding and mutual trust, continuously unblocked communication channels, continuously deepened cooperation in various fields, and pushed the friendly relations to a new level.

    Tahir Zahir and Paudel expressed their hope to further strengthen friendly exchanges within the framework of the "the Belt and Road Initiative",and actively carry out cooperation in energy resources, cultural relics protection, cultural tourism, agricultural technology, infrastructure and other fields,to promote common prosperity and development.(Translated by Degang Zeng)