Lin Duo Met Foreign Delegations and VIP Foreign Guests of the 25th Lanzhou Investment & Trade Fair

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    On the afternoon of July 3, Lin duo, Decretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People''s Congress, met a delegation from Mashonaland West,Zimbabwe, which came to attend the 25th Lanzhou Investment & Trade Fair(“the Fair”), and a delegation from Serbia, the host country of the Fair.He and Tang Renjian,Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Gansu,also met the VIP foreign guests who attending the Fair together.

    On behalf of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,Lin welcomed the foreign guests,and briefly introduced Gansu province. He said that the construction of "the Belt and Road Initiative" was the greatest opportunity for Gansu''s development,and was also a common opportunity for all countries in the world."Gansu has a unique geographical location, convenient transportation and logistics, superior natural resources in minerals, energy, agriculture, culture and tourism, and many openning-up and innovative platforms of the national level, which have broad space and bright prospects for deepening the Silk Road cooperation. We are willing to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with friendly countries, regions and organizations with an open mind and an inclusive concept, relying on the co-construction of ''the Belt and Road Initiative'' and new international land and sea trade channels, so as to achieve win-win development at a higher level and in a wider range. I hope that all the distinguished guests will deepen their understanding of Gansu, enhance their friendship and lay a better foundation for future cooperation through this Fair,"he said.

    Foreign guests such as Governor of Mashonaland West,Zimbabwe, and Governor of Bamyan Province,Afghanistan wished the Fair hosting successful. They hoped that within the framework of the "the Belt and Road Initiative" , they would further strengthen the friendly exchanges with Gansu, broaden the areas of cooperation, raise the level of cooperation, promote in-depth cooperation in energy, production capacity, technology, infrastructure and other areas, and realize common prosperity and development for the benefit of the people along the Silk Road.(Translated by Degang Zeng)