Sun Wei Met Delegation of the Liberty Korea Party Members

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    On the afternoon of July 5, Sun Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, met a delegation of Congress members of the Liberty Korea Partyin Lanzhou,Gansu..

    On behalf of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Sun warmly welcomed the delegation. He said that with the further deepening of Sino-South Korea friendship, friendly exchanges between two sides were becoming more and more frequently.Gansu had outstanding ecological status, diversified geography and landforms, long history and splendid culture, unique natural resources and strong development momentum. At present, Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government were actively integrating into the "the Belt and Road Initiative" construction, promoting the formation of an all-round opening pattern and further releasing development vitality. Gansu was willing to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with South Korea in economic, trade, cultural and other fields. Gansu sincerely welcomed South Korean friends to Gansu for sightseeing, trade and investment cooperation, deepen non-governmental exchanges, promoting mutual benefits and win-win results, and promoting practical cooperation in many fields.(Translated by Degang Zeng)