The China Green Companies Summit 2019 Held in Dunhuang, Gansu Province

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The China Green Companies Summit 2019 was successfully held in Dunhuang, Gansu Province. More than 1,100 domestic and foreign business leaders, political figures, academic authorities, NGO representatives and influential media participated in this conference. Including Fan Youshan, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and vice chairman of ACFIC, Song Liang, vice governor of Gansu Province, Ma Yun, Chairman of China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) and Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group , as well as Ma Weihua, Liu Chuanzhi, Wang Yusuo, Guo Guangchang, Liu Yonghao, Liu Donghua, Xu Jinghong, Cao Guowei, Hu Baosen, and Xu Xiaonian.

The theme of the China Green Companies Summit 2019 is "winning is the essence of business." The world today is undergoing new developments and changes. Technological revolution and economic development have brought tremendous changes to the market. In the new business environment, if companies want to "win", they need to return to the original mission of the enterprise. During the summit, entrepreneurs explored various topics of concern, including scientific and technological innovation, business growth, digital transformation, industrial poverty alleviation, investment logic, digitalization and organizational transformation, reinvention of the cultural and tourism industries, "winning in the cold winter" and other sub-forums, to identify current business trends, discuss new methodologies and solve business problems.

At this year''''s annual meeting, diplomats from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Ireland, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States attended the conference. Representatives from these countries discussed business cooperation between China and foreign countries with Chinese entrepreneurs. Some other activities were held, including industrial matchmaking meetings and visits with local enterprises. These focused on encouraging entrepreneurs to play an active role in the development of the western region.

Jack Ma, chairman of the China Entrepreneur Club, delivered a speech at the plenary session. He noted that the first batch of businessmen in Chinese history began their exploration along the Silk Road to West Asia and Europe. Entrepreneurs are explorers in the economic field. It required perhaps courage then than businessmen need today because traders and businessmen at that time faced great dangers crossing the desert. However, he thought this is the endless entrepreneurial spirit, the spirit of adventure.

The annual summit is organized by the China Entrepreneur Club, co-organized by the Gansu Provincial Department of Commerce, the Jiuquan Municipal People''''s Government and the Dunhuang Municipal People''''s Government. It receives support from the Gansu Provincial People''''s Government, Gansu Electronic & Power Investment Group Corporation and Panasonic.(Zeng Degang)